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Debating & Public Speaking classes and camps for kids with Richer Education

Top Three Reasons Why Kids Should Attend Debating and Public Speaking Classes

Debating and public speaking are essential skills for children of all ages. From gaining confidence in their ideas to learning how to express themselves to others effectively, there are many
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Coding (python) Sunday classes with Richer Education

Why Learning Coding (Python) Is a Skill on High Demand?

Learning to code is an essential and valuable skill that most children should develop. Nevertheless, learning coding may seem tedious and laborious if a child has no desire to become
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Fun and Educational camps using Virtual Reality with Richer Education

Five Reasons Why We Use Cutting-Edge Technology

Combining cutting-edge technology with real-world learning can help children understand subjects such as science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) in new and exciting ways that promote engagement and make
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Science camps for children aged 4-8 in London.

The Importance Of Science Weekend Classes For Children

Children learn the real-world application of science in a fun way.  We also encourage children to explore, investigate, experiment and have hands-on learning with their peers. Science is about asking
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