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Five Reasons Why We Use Cutting-Edge Technology

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Fun and Educational camps using Virtual Reality with Richer Education

Combining cutting-edge technology with real-world learning can help children understand subjects such as science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) in new and exciting ways that promote engagement and make learning fun. Here are five reasons why we use cutting-edge technology in our STEAM weekend classes and holiday camps.


Teaching STEAM subjects to kids can be a real challenge due to how kids perceive and experience each subject at their schools. Nonetheless, with today’s resources, children demonstrate a better understanding of topics that can be challenging. One of the most exciting developments is Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Parents might be wondering how it can work within a classroom setting. For instance, in science, children travel ‘inside the body’ to provide a better understanding of how human cells work. Likewise, during an engineering lesson, children can examine and deconstruct a turbine engine to understand how planes fly. Among other resources, we use VR and AR simulations to boost engagement, helping children to explore and contextualise theory in the real world.


Teamwork and collaboration are essential skills that help students become more effective, productive and happy. Thus, we use cutting-edge technology, such as humanoid robots, as immersive educational tools, to encourage children to work in teams. Schools, universities and employers expect their human capital to work collaboratively. Therefore, we motivate children to work as a team by discussing ideas and finding solutions as a team, taking advantage of the available technology.


We encourage children to think beyond the school curriculum during our weekend classes and camps. We want children to develop skills that enable them to see beyond ‘the face value of a given situation to find the best possible solutions. Using cutting-edge resources allows children to learn concepts by manipulating objects in virtual environments. High-quality resources are essential for complex subjects such as chemistry, biology, engineering that require children to use their imagination and think beyond the obvious. We encourage children to do more than simply be aware of a subject; we want children to experience and understand the subject and be able to think critically and contribute to new ideas.


Active learning fosters an engaging, interactive and hands-on experience. Active learning is one of the main reasons why we invest in the best and latest resources available in the educational field. We make use of the best resources to have a better understanding of the subject and to accelerate their learning. This approach creates a more exciting and memorable learning experience than traditional methods.


As education experts, we usually observe how children go the extra mile to excel academically. Nonetheless, we also observe that some children, who are academically excelling, still need to establish connections between the school subjects they learned and the real-life application of the subject. We use technology to ensure that children understand and experience the subject in a way that enables them to think about the real-world application of school subjects. During our STEAM weekend classes and holiday camps, we constantly encourage children to understand how their school subjects come to life when used in the real world.

We equip our weekend classes and holiday camps with the latests and best resources to accelerate children’s learning and enhance children’s learning experience.
If you have kids who are aged 4-17, we highly recommend that you sign them up for our weekend classes and holiday camps in Chelsea, South Kensington or Marylebone. It is always good for children to continue developing skills and learning how to apply their school subjects in the real-world.Richer Education is the UK leader for STEAM classes and camps, based on real learning. Give your child the best start in life by allowing them to learn the most about STEAM subjects whilst they are young, and they will also enjoy themselves.