“We inspire your child to think beyond the school curriculum and to apply their knowledge to solve real-life problems”.

We employ a range of tutors and mentors: primary and secondary school teachers, Masters, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers. Our tutors and mentors are specialists in their subjects.


Lead Education Advisor

Rafael is a versatile professional and accomplished educational leader. His success as a specialist in education and as a Head of School Improvement is characterised by his unceasing desire to improve the performance of all colleagues and students who come within his remit. Rafael is currently writing his doctoral thesis at University College London (UCL). His research interests are: social mobility, emotions and psychosocial experiences of groups within a learning environment.

During his career as a school teacher, Rafael sat in the Department for Education’s steering-group to define and instil the Department’s for Education’s Summer School policy in the United Kingdom. Rafael was recognised by the Department of Education for his services to education in 2013. The following year, Rafael was shortlisted by the Times Educational Supplement, out of five thousand teachers in the UK, as the “Inspirational Teacher of the Year 2014”. During his time as a secondary school teacher, Rafael trained and mentored teachers to gain Qualified Teacher Status in the UK.

Rafael is passionate about education; based on his core values and beliefs of smart learning, respect, confidence, ambition and resilience. He continues to build capacity and sustainability to raise standards and attainment in relation to workforce development by making educational settings an even more attractive place to work and by enhancing the reputation and effectiveness of schools. 


Lead STEAM Advisor

Sian is a specialist in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education, a chartered science teacher and a member of the Royal Society of Biology. Sian is currently researching children’s perceptions and understanding of STEAM subjects as part of her doctoral thesis at University College London (UCL).

Sian holds a Masters in Science Education (University College London), a PGCE Science with Biology (University of Greenwich) and a BSc degree in Biomedical Sciences (University College London). During her teaching career, Sian mentored and trained teachers to gain Qualified Teacher Status in the UK. Sian has been widely recognised, for her high standards in education and passion for teaching and learning.

Sian’s engaging and practical approach equips tutors and mentors with techniques that are manageable and proven to work to produce outstanding results. She proactively promotes educational activities for children and teenagers by designing and delivering educational projects with an aim to bring subjects to the ‘real world’.

Sian is passionate about children exploring and learning STEAM subjects beyond the school curriculum through a range of hands-on activities, experiments, group work and demonstrations. Sian encourages children to develop their independence, resilience, problem-solving skills and teamwork from a young age.


Board Advisor

Camilla has a solid background in finance with origination, marketing and execution responsibility for corporate finance transactions covering the entire capital structure.

Camilla has a genuine personal interest in delivering the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) learning experience in a fun, non-traditional environment. She has dedicated part of her time to support educational initiatives aimed to strive for children to achieve their maximum potential developing a growth mindset attitude for studies and in their approach to everyday’s life.

Camilla is now focusing on empowering the next generation of coders, app developers, game designers, engineers, and innovators, including her daughter. Chairman of a School PTA association, Camilla Supports Richer Education in institutional business development by reaching directly to schools, museums, parents associations and corporates within the education sector.


Executive Partner for Latin America

Alessandra has a successful background in journalism. She is currently writing her dissertation in Solutions Journalism. Alessandra also holds another masters degree in Internal Relations.

During her professional career, Alessandra worked for several years at the British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) as a Business Developer for the Latin American World Services. During her time at the BBC, Alessandra was the Executive Representative of the BBC for Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. Alessandra liaised with several private and public institutions to expand and develop the BBC’s business strategy in the Latin American region. She has spent several years working as a journalist in Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

Alessandra has a broad professional experience in public relations and journalism. Likewise, Alessandra has a strong interest in educating children and teenagers on the ethics and values of journalism.

Executive Partner for KSA


Executive Partner for Saudi Arabia

Mariam Polding develops and implements high caliber athletic, academic and skills-based human capital development programmes creating value and growth for individuals and institutions.

Mariam is an experienced founder with a demonstrated history with entrepreneurship and strategic partnerships founding the first gender-inclusive tennis academy and parkour academy in Jeddah,   Saudi Arabia.

With expertise in the public relations, communications, sports, and education industry, Mariam builds international partnerships with a focus on skill innovation, and measurable positive social and economic impact.

Mariam received her Bachelor’s, combined honours, in Spanish and Politics, Master’s in international Human Rights Law, and Executive MBA from London Business School.

Dr Rebecca

Science Education Advisor

Rebecca has always been interested in the life sciences and in particular human cell and molecular biology. She gained a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Southampton and went on to study for a PhD in lung cell biology also at Southampton.

Rebecca has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London for several years investigating the role of white blood cells in chronic lung diseases. She has recently left academia and now works with schools to encourage students from all backgrounds to pursue the sciences at university.

Rebecca is passionate about science communication and has experience of teaching all key stages from Year 1 school pupils to undergraduate Medical and Biomedical Sciences university students. She has developed and delivered many age-appropriate scientific workshops and prides herself on her ability to explain difficult concepts to a younger audience

Dr Agostino

Lead Robotics Advisor

Agostino recently obtained his PhD in Robotics at the Centre for Robotic Research at King’s College London. He has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and a MSc in Electrical and Automation Engineering (University of Florence, Italy).

Agostino’s research interests include: underwater robotics, soft robotics, variable stiffness mechanisms, surgical robotics and tactile sensing for robotics applications.

Agostino has more than eight years experience tutoring secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate students. He is also involved in several research projects funded by the European Commission, such as the SQUIRREL and the STIFF-FLOP FP7 projects.

Dr Ali

Lead Robotics Advisor

Ali is an accomplished researcher particularly in the field of Robotics and STEM in general. He has a PhD in Robotics, with focus on human-robot interaction, from King’s College London. Ali’s PhD research is built upon his background in Electronics Engineering, which was the subject of his MSc and BSc studies.

Ali’s scientific background is complemented by an equally extensive experience in teaching and education, across different levels ranging from young children to postgraduate students. He is enthusiastic about teaching the complex subjects within engineering to students with no prior background, through creative approaches and direct practical engagement with students.

Ali is currently a Research Associate within the Brain and Behaviour Laboratory of Imperial College London, where he researches on Robotics and Neurotechnology.