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What WE DO

  • We inspire children aged 4-17 to think beyond the school curriculum and expand their world views by developing problem-solving skills, teamwork and resilience
  • We introduce children to real-life challenges and encourage them to put theory into practice in a fun and engaging way with a special emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) subjects
  • We offer sessions on Saturdays, Sundays and during half-term and school holidays. All classes and camps are suitable for all levels of knowledge. All children are welcome to join any Saturday, Sundays or any of our camps
  • We employ a range of tutors and mentors from primary and secondary school teachers, PhD and EdD students, academic Doctors and post-doctoral researchers. All our tutors and mentors are specialists in their subjects
  • We have a successful background and solid expertise in education with proven experience educating children in Primary and Secondary schools


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What parents say

I'm super impressed with the stuff the kids are learning. It's great. I have a five year old at home tonight explaining 'blood' to her dad and talking about the importance of platelets. That's pretty awesome. And to get kids inspired about science is the reason I signed them up in the first place - so well done!
Mrs. B.A.
My daughter enjoyed herself, making friends and coming home full of interesting facts she learned…
Ms. C.U.
We were very impressed to hear of the imaginative ways that you brought the different topics to life for my children. You really have something special going on there! Thanks…
Mrs. G.S.