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Our STEAM Education Approach 

We believe that the inclusion of the arts and subsequent STEAM approach represents and complements all fields of knowledge. For instance, within the arts, many disciplines are also important such as music, literature, visual arts, design and drama. Likewise,  disciplines that are related to social sciences such as philosophy, archaeology, psychology and humanities subjects including history and geography are also paramount to advance in the understanding and application of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


We recognise that not all children will become scientists, specialists in technology, engineers and mathematicians. As individuals, we develop different interests and aptitudes during the course of life. Normally, the factors that influence children to choose a specific career is determined by many factors such as their families, schools, culture, traditions, social capital, friends and individual preferences and experiences. Consequently, these factors also play an important role in the personal, academic and professional formation of each child as an individual. 


Richer Education considers that the integration of the arts into the STEM disciplines is paramount to the personal development of individuals and society. The integration of the arts in STEM is paramount to advance  in understanding how we think, evolve and interact with the world around us. 


Richer Education advocates the importance of a well-rounded education to develop innovative, resilient and empathetic citizens of the future that can effectively contribute to personal growth as individuals and in general to the society.




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