What age group do you cater for?

Our weekend classes, camps and workshops cater for children aged 4 to 14. All levels of knowledge are welcomed.

How much does each session cost? How do I pay?

You can find our prices on the classes and camps. The easier option is to pay online through our Paypal platform (please note that you do not need to have a PayPal account to proceed with your payment).

Where do the sessions take place?

Our classes, workshops and camps take place at Imperial College London, conveniently located in South Kensington. Exhibition Road. London. SW7 2AZ. During some half-term camps, we also make use of the Baden-Powell house conference centre, conveniently located in South Kensington, 65-67 Queens Gate. SW7 5JS. Other UK and international locations are published on our website accordingly.

Can my child/children trial a lesson?

Yes, we highly recommend our pack of four trial lessons for children to explore and experience a wider range of topics in any of our weekend classes.

Can I observe a session?

Unfortunately, we do not allow parents to stay and observe a session. There is nothing to worry about we have tutors, mentors and supervisors in the room and in the lab who are highly qualified and trained with a great wealth of experience working with children aged 4-14.

What is the adult/child ratio?

The maximum ratio we allow is 1:15. However, for any of our technology sessions (Coding, Mechatronics and Robotics) our ratio is 1:8.

Can I have an insight of the power points, teaching resources and/or lessons before or after the actual session occurs?

We just facilitate the topic and a brief overview. Unfortunately, we do not provide parents, carers and/or children with power points, teaching resources and/or lessons.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

We are in the process of registering to accept childcare vouchers. We will keep parents informed about this.

Can I pay for a booking on the day?

We encourage parents and carers to pay at least 24 hours in advance before the actual session occurs. All payments should be strictly done before attending the session that has been booked. Richer Education reserves the right to refuse entry to any of its courses, camps and/or activities if payment has not been received.

How do I know my child is safe?

All of our staff are Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked and will display an ID badge. Also, we will ask you upon registering whether your child has any medical conditions or learning disability. Then, we can make appropriate arrangements.

Is your staff First Aid trained?

Yes, there is always an adult in the room and/or in the lab specialised in paediatric first aid training certified by the British Red Cross.i

Who will be teaching my child?

We employ a range of  PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, teaching and support staff from primary and secondary school teachers. All our tutors, mentors and supervisors are specialists in their respective subjects.

How do you organise children once they are in the actual session?

We have a main lead tutor who explains the tasks or experiments to the whole class. After the main demonstration children break away with their respective tutors and mentors according to their age and level of knowledge.

What will my child be doing during your classes, workshops and/or camps?

Children will be participating in a variety of practical activities. Children will be working in groups, independently and supported by tutors as they create, question, collaborate and find solutions to problems.

Do I need to bring any food for my child?

During our camps, it is advisable to provide your child with at least a bottle of water, a packed lunch and a snack.

Do I need to provide my child with any equipment?

We will provide your child with any stationery, worksheets, laptops, robots (as required). Richer Education will provide practical equipment.

How will this help my child perform better in school?

Our weekends workshops and camps build upon children’s existing knowledge and address any misconceptions they may have. The development of skills such as communication, literacy, collaboration and reasoning are transferable across subjects.

How do I book classes for my child?

You can book Classes and Camps online.

We will need some basic information from you about your child and an emergency contact name and number (we will not share your data with any other parties). Sessions must be paid in advance to guarantee a place.

Can my child join at any time?

Yes, although we recommend that you encourage your child to attend a full term rather than isolated sessions as all sessions are linked to guarantee the continuity of learning and the development of skills such as problem-solving, teamwork and resilience.

There are discounts of 10% for an additional sibling.

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