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Why Learning Coding (Python) Is a Skill on High Demand?

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Coding (python) Sunday classes with Richer Education

Learning to code is an essential and valuable skill that most children should develop. Nevertheless, learning coding may seem tedious and laborious if a child has no desire to become a computer scientist. As technology evolves and becomes more complex, the demand for people who know how to code will only grow, making it increasingly more difficult to fill open positions at many companies. Python enables children to be creative and to follow logical steps. For children to get ahead in life, they will need access to coding classes so they can begin learning and developing the skills required to stand out from the crowd as they go to university and enter the workforce.


Many universities require students to have strong Python knowledge regardless of their specialism. For instance, top universities in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world include compulsory modules of Python, irrespective of the degree. Equally, the demand for Python in top companies is high. Leading universities and top companies worldwide want their students and workforce to be highly competitive and well-prepared to cope with the advancement of technological demands. 

We are aware of the academic and professional challenges that children will face as they grow. Therefore, we provide an opportunity for children who are absolute beginners with little or no background in coding to learn how to code using Python. Likewise, we support children with intermediate and advanced knowledge in coding to continue developing their coding skills. As children progress in our Python courses, they feel more confident when developing their coding skills.


A few decades ago, many companies required their employees to be proficient in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Today, top companies worldwide tend to assume that their employees know their IT skills; this has changed. Top companies expect their employees to be highly skilled in Python and other coding languages despite the type job held. Parents who are aware of the current job market demands tend to motivate their children to learn how to code. Currently, many parents can foresee and understand why their children need to learn Python and constantly develop their coding skills. The demand for Python programmers has increased drastically over recent years and it will continue growing in years to come. Those who can use Python are far more competitive and productive than their counterparts at schools, universities and professional environments. 

We always encourage parents and schools to ensure specialists lead Python courses, camps and tuitions. We employ specialist tutors and mentors with a secure knowledge of Python and other coding languages. Equally, our tutors and mentors have experience teaching children and catering for different levels and paces to understand coding and programming.

Richer Education is the UK leader for all Python & coding classes in London. Give your child the best start in life by booking coding classes based on real learning, and they will also enjoy themselves.