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Top Three Reasons Why Kids Should Attend Debating and Public Speaking Classes

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Debating & Public Speaking classes and camps for kids with Richer Education

Debating and public speaking are essential skills for children of all ages.
From gaining confidence in their ideas to learning how to express themselves to others effectively, there are many benefits for children from attending weekend debating and public speaking classes.
This article post will explore the top three reasons why children should attend Debating & Public Speaking classes.


1. Builds Self-Confidence

Confidence is an essential life skill that all children should develop. Confidence allows children to feel comfortable with themselves, take risks, learn from their mistakes and interact successfully with others. It is crucial for children to understand the power of confidence and why they need to build and develop their confidence.

Helping children develop self-confidence can significantly improve their academic performance and self-esteem. Fostering the development of self-confidence in children enables children to be creative, mitigates the fear of failure and allows room for natural growth and a positive mindset. It is, therefore, important for parents to encourage their children to build and constantly develop their self-confidence. Building self-confidence aims to ensure that children can effectively tackle any unfavourable early experiences that could be detrimental to their academic journey and personal well-being.

2. Nurtures Communication Skills

Communication is a complex process that requires the necessary abilities and skills for fruitful social interaction. Communication skills are needed throughout our lives at school, university, work or simply when interacting with others. Undoubtedly, some children find it challenging to develop such skills, whereas others set their communication skills effortlessly.

We know from experience that the early fostering and development of core communication abilities (self-control, effective listening and effective observation) enable children to become more effective communicators. Children grow in confidence and self-esteem when they become aware of their communication skills. Children like being appreciated and feel even better when they know they do well.

3. Fosters Leadership Skills

A fun fact about leadership skills is that it is more than just adults who can become strong leaders. Children can also develop their leadership skills from an early age. Children can successfully build and progressively enhance their leadership skills by helping children build confidence, hone their communication skills and develop leadership skills.

Successful leaders behave in a particular way to succeed; leadership skills should be fostered and nurtured from a young age. During our years in education, we noted that many children respond better when they are part of a ‘participative environment’ and primarily when they learn the techniques that enable them to take ownership of their learning and skills development.


During our debating sessions, we foster an environment that encourages children to express themselves without fear of judgement. Our classes focus on developing the essential skills for kids to feel confident speaking and interacting in front of others.

We, therefore, focus on teaching children techniques for initiating and ending an interaction, asking and answering questions, taking turns in conversations, explaining and giving instructions, keeping interaction with peers flowing and showing awareness of personal space and proximity to others. We also teach children effective techniques for public speaking, such as body language, vocal projection, and eye contact. Learning techniques help children develop a strong presence and become more comfortable speaking in front of their peers. Over time, children are better equipped to participate in debates and other activities requiring strong communication skills.

For those children with more experience in debating, we aim to equip them to develop into future leaders by teaching them how to think critically and use their knowledge to make a difference. Nowadays, many schools make efforts to foster critical thoughts and debates; these trends will soon be the focus of the purpose of education and the future of assessment. We know from experience that with the proper guidance and instruction, children can build their self-confidence, nurture their communication skills, form strong leadership skills, and apply them in other areas of their life.

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