Support schools by building capacity and sustainability with an aim of raising standards and attainment in mathematics

At Richer Education we understand how important is mathematics to measure the impact and effectiveness of schools. We are specialised in behaviour management with a focus on teaching mathematics. Our Smart Supply Teaching addresses behavioural issues in classrooms with a friendly but firm approach; it supports low ability students to learn mathematics that main school stakeholders rapidly notice students’ progress. We consistently contribute to the improvement of the school figures by assisting lower set students to make rapid progress in mathematics while working as a team with relevant departments. We make effective use of relevant data, target setting and appropriate interventions in line with departmental and school strategies.

What is Smart Supply Teaching? (SST)

SST is an innovative way to support schools, academies, free schools, EBDs and PRUs by combining a firm classroom management and a holistic support to students who are underachieving in mathematics.

Our Smart Supply Teaching ethos condenses fundamental core values and beliefs of learning, respect, confidence, ambition and resilience.

What is the main objective of the SST?

The main objective of our Smart Supply Teaching is to support schools and their main stakeholders by building capacity and sustainability with an aim of raising standards and attainment in mathematics.

Why SST is different from a normal supply teaching?

Our Smart Supply Teaching led by Rafael Hernandez combines 10 years expertise in classroom management with a vision for school improvement whilst maintaining high standards of professionalism and respect for others.

Rafael Hernandez is an experienced teacher with a strong background in the educational field in the UK. Rafael has successfully set up a wide range of systems and educational projects to raise standards and to contribute to the permanent improvement of schools by strategically using departmental, school and external data. He has been recently shortlisted by the Times Educational Supplement (TES) as ‘Inspirational Teacher of the Year 2014’ while at his previous school. He has also been recognised by the Department for Education (DfE) for his services to education.

Our SST seeks to make a contribution to schools by going beyond the traditional ‘supply teaching’ working in a more collaborative way with the main school stakeholders.

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