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Children: 4 to 11 (children are organised into separate groups depending on their age and level of knowledge)


Location: Imperial College London. Huxley Building. 180 Queens Gate. SW7 2AZ


Level: All levels of knowledge are welcomed


When: Sundays from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm


Start: Join us any Sunday. From 14 January 2018


We provide a unique and specialised Sunday science tuition featuring specialists in science education and highly qualified scientists. Your child will be participating in a variety of practical activities, which cover all components of science (biology, chemistry and physics). See details below.



Product Description

Children will be working in groups, independently and supported by tutors and mentors as they create, question, collaborate and find solutions to problems.


Topics covered include:

Fairground science – A healthy heart – The Chemistry Collective – Don’t be Forceful! – Fantastic Forensics – Neuronal Science – Grounded Geology -Wonderful Water – Soapy Science – Edible Science – Biochemistry – Atomic! – Acids and Alkalis – To the Moon and Back – Space (the final frontier) – Rocket Launch…


We offer 10% discount on siblings booking. Also, if for any reason, you were to miss a session, we will roll over the session if we are notified at least 72 hours in advance, and the session will not be charged.


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