Science Christmas camp (Mon. 14/12 – Fri. 18/12)


Dates: Monday 14 December until Friday 18 December inclusive.


Time: From 9:00 am until 3:30 pm (registration opens at 8:40 am and closes at 8:55 am).


Age: 4 to 11 (children are organised into separate groups depending on their age and level of knowledge).


Level: All levels of knowledge are welcome.


Location: Baden Powell House. 65-67 Queen Gate. Sw7 5JS


Lunch: Children bring their packed lunch, a few snacks and enough water for the day.


Children will be participating in a variety of demonstrations, group activities and practical experiments and will learn about exciting and enriching topics. Students learn through a hands-on approach and are welcome to take home any objects they have made throughout the week. See more details below.



We offer 10% siblings discount (from your second child onwards).

Individual sessions are charged at a flat rate of £90 per child/per day.


Product Description

The emphasis is on fun, yet we inspire learning about concepts through dialogue and questioning.





Monday 14 December: Winter Physics

Our opening day of the Christmas camp commences with a look into different aspects of physics including sound, forces, dispersion, centre of mass and more. Your child, will work as a team to build a rocket car for Santa, make their own Santa wobble toy and silence a jingle bell.



Tuesday 15 December: Christmas Chemistry

Christmas chemistry includes a range of Winter-themed experiments. Children will grow their own snowflake crystal, make an erupting snowman, make a new toothpaste for Rudolph and many more. Children will learn about diffusion, decomposition reactions and sublimation.



Wednesday 16 December: Keeping Warm

In this physics and biology-based day, children will discover the scientific principles behind keeping warm. Your child will learn about the role of blubber in aquatic animals, how to insulate a home, the importance of conduction and the reason behind the shape of an igloo.



Thursday 17 December: Christmas Construction

In this session, your child will work as a team as they are set a variety of different challenges. Children will build a bridge to support the largest number of presents, make their own Christmas cracker, construct the tallest tower and build a chimney wide enough for Santa to fit through.



Friday 18 December: Who Stole the Presents?

We finish the Christmas camp with a crime scene investigation-based day. Children will be informed that presents belonging to Richer Education have been stolen and that they must work as a team to identify evidence, analyse ransom notes and uncover fingerprints to solve the crime. The day will culminate in a courtroom drama where the real culprit will be revealed.




We offer 10% siblings discount (from your second child onwards).

Individual sessions are charged at a flat rate of £90 per child/per day.


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