Imperial Collage LONDON, 19th November 2016. Children engage in science, technology, mathematics and engineering classes with Richer Education, a private eduaction company based in West London.
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SCIENCE SUMMER CAMP (MON. 19 Aug. – FRI. 23 Aug. 2019)


Dates: Monday 19 August until Friday 23 August inclusive.


Time: From 9:00 am until 3:30 pm (registration opens at 8:40 am and closes at 8:55 am).


Age: 4 to 8 (children are organised into separate groups according to their age and level of knowledge).


Location: Baden Powell House. 65-67 Queens Gate. SW7 5JS.


Level: All levels of knowledge are welcome.


Lunch: Children bring their packed lunch, a few snacks and enough water for the day.


Children will be participating in a variety of demonstrations, group activities and practical experiments and will learn about exciting and enriching topics. Students learn through a hands-on approach and are welcome to take home any objects they have made throughout the week. See more details below.



Product Description

The emphasis is on fun, yet we inspire learning about concepts through dialogue and questioning.

We will be offering brand new programmes for each week in summer.





Monday 19 August: Medicinal Chemistry 

Medicinal chemistry combines knowledge of biology and chemistry. In this session, your child will participate in activities that examine dose, toxicity, enteric coatings and more. Children will also build molecules and learn about their different properties.



Tuesday 20 August: Infection and Immunity

In this biology-based session, children will learn about disease transmission and the methods used to minimise the risk of infection. In addition, children will discover the role of the immune system in preventing illness. Children will participate in a fake epidemic.



Wednesday 21 August: Famous Physicists

Famous physicists re-examine the contributions from renowned physicists of the past. We will look into the work of Curie, Newton, Einstein and more. Children can expect to construct an airplane wing as part of Bernoulli’s principle and more.



Thursday 22 August: Sleep and Rest

Both sleep and rest are fundamental to both physical and mental wellbeing. In this session, children will learn about the circadian rhythm, neuroscience and the purpose of dreams. Children can expect to participate in a variety of different experiments.



Friday 23 August: Unique You

Genes and DNA are responsible for creating unique characteristics in humans. In this session, children will learn about the structure of DNA, the role of genes and chromosomes and more. Children will extract DNA, compose a family tree and more.




We offer 10% discount on siblings booking and multiple bookings.
Any days booked individually will be charged at £85.00 per child.




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