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Richer Education (6661)Imperial Collage LONDON, 19th November 2016. Children engage in science, technology, mathematics and engineering classes with Richer Education, a private eduaction company based in West London.

SCIENCE SUMMER CAMP (MON. 12 Aug. – FRI. 16 Aug. 2019)


Dates: Monday 12 August until Friday 16 August inclusive.


Time: From 9:00 am until 3:30 pm (registration opens at 8:40 am and closes at 8:55 am).


Age: 4 to 8 (children are organised into separate groups according to their age and level of knowledge).


Location: Baden Powell House. 65-67 Queens Gate. SW7 5JS.


Level: All levels of knowledge are welcome.


Lunch: Children bring their packed lunch, a few snacks and enough water for the day.


Children will be participating in a variety of demonstrations, group activities and practical experiments and will learn about exciting and enriching topics. Students learn through a hands-on approach and are welcome to take home any objects they have made throughout the week. See more details below.



Product Description

The emphasis is on fun, yet we inspire learning about concepts through dialogue and questioning.

We will be offering brand new programmes for each week in summer.





Monday 12 August: Astrochemistry

Astrochemistry is the study of molecules and chemical reactions in the universe. In this session, children will participate in experiments that recreate or model those that occur in the universe such as nuclear fission.



Tuesday 13 August: Astonishing Aviation

Aviation concerns the design, science and engineering principles behind airplanes and spacecraft. In this session, your child will construct model gliders, planes and helicopters as they discover the wonders of flight.



Wednesday 14 August: Atomic and Molecular Physics

Atoms are the fundamental units of life. In this session, children will learn about protons, electrons and neutrons and the formation of bonds in chemical reactions. Children will also discover the physical properties of molecules through a range of different experiments.



Thursday 15 August: Marine Biology

Marine biology is the scientific study of marine life. In this session, children will learn about the harmful effects of oil spills, make a model jellyfish and model the different layers of the ocean.



Friday 16 August: Energy for the Home

The humble home is powered by energy. In this session, children will learn about the different energy types and where they exist around the home. Children will participate in activities such as building an electric circuit and constructing the best thermal insulation for the home.



We offer 10% discount on siblings booking and multiple bookings.
Any days booked individually will be charged at £85.00 per child.




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