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Science June Summer Camp 2018


Age: 4 to 11 (children are grouped according to their age and skills level)


Dates: Monday 25 June until Friday 29 June inclusive


Time: From 8:40 am to 3:30 pm


Location: Sala de Cristal. Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, CSIC. C/ José Gutiérrez Abascal, 22806 Madrid
English Level & Academic Level: Good level of English is required. All abilities are welcomed.


Cost: £250 per child (offer is valid until 23:59 Monday 18 June 2018 )


The science workshop is aimed at children 4-11 years old who are currently attending their school in English. The science workshop is entirely delivered in English. Therefore, a good level of English is required to join. See below for the list of topics covered.


Level: All levels of knowledge (children are split into small groups according to their age. Adult/child ratio is up to 1:15)


Children will be participating in a variety of demonstrations, group activities and practical experiments and will learn about exciting and enriching topics. Students learn through a hands-on approach and are welcome to take home any objects they have made throughout the week. See more details below.



Product Description

The emphasis is on fun, yet we inspire learning about concepts through dialogue and questioning.

Brand new programme for the science summer camp in Madrid (topics are subject to change without prior notice)


Monday 25th June: The Material World 

Our Summer camp this year begins with a session on materials. Children will gain an appreciation of what properties different materials have and why a combination of different materials are important to perform certain tasks. Children will be set a wide range of challenges such as designing a suitable crash barrier for a motorway, constructing a suitable insulator and designing and building a soundproof box.   


Tuesday 26th June:  Oceanography  

Oceanography is the study of phenomena and properties of seas. Children will participate in a range of activities that examine the role of marine creatures, sand, sea water and more. Children will learn about the different layers of the ocean, the anatomy and physiology of jellyfish and how beaches are formed.  


Wednesday 27th June: Amazing Anatomy 

A real hands-on experience awaits in this session as children learn about the structure of different organs and gain an understanding of how they work. Children will be involved in the dissection of a heart, kidney, brain, eye and many more! Additional materials will be used in this session to model how each organ works. Children can expect to learn about the different chambers in a heart, the structure of the eye and the key components of a kidney. 


Thursday 28th June:  Eccentric Electricity 

This session will not only teach children about electricity but also magnetism. Children will learn about what electricity is and why only certain metals are magnetic. We will be making our very own compass, fruit battery and building an electric circuit of varying components. Ultimately, children will appreciate that electricity goes beyond wires and switches.   


Friday 29th June:  ‘Zerious’ Zoology 

This session will teach children about the wonderful world of zoology, or animal biology. Children will learn about and gain an appreciation of the anatomy of different animals and how they have features which make them adapted to their environment. For instance, lots of blubber (fat) for insulation. We will be looking at the role of blubber, the anatomy of a fish, the different shapes of butterfly wings, animal skulls and the anatomy of a frog.  



‘Early Bird’ offer: £250 valid until 23:59 on Monday 18 June 2018
Standard Price: £300 applicable from 00:00 on Tuesday 19 June 2018

We also offer 10% discount on siblings bookings (applicable from the second child)


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