school improvement

Richer Education supports Multi-Academy Trusts, Academies, Free Schools and Schools in general by raising students’ attainment so that their progress is consistently good or outstanding; by advancing in the provision of tailored educational strategies to accelerate students’ academic and pastoral progress beyond expectations.

We offer a range of services and programmes to schools, any of which can be tailored to suit your exact needs.

Smart supply with a vision for school improvement

Our Smart supply condenses a holistic approach to support underachieving students with an aim to improve behaviour and attainment in mathematics. The smart supply adheres to schools and departmental policies on behaviour and interventions and works in cooperation with main school stakeholders.

Pupil Premium Friendly: Yes

Suitable For: Year 10 and year 11 underachieving classes with behavioural issues. Small maths groups tuition are also available for disengaged year 10 and year 11 students.

The Doctoral School Programme

The Doctoral School Programme is a genuine inspiration, originated from Rafael’s experience as a doctoral student at University College London. The Doctoral School Programme seeks to motivate and inspire KS4 and KS5 students regardless of their social background through the exposure of enrichment activities led by doctors, post-doctoral researchers, doctoral students (PhD/EdD), university lecturers and academics with a clear aim to enhance students’ knowledge; whilst experiencing, on site, world class universities and lectures beyond A Level expectations.

Pupil Premium Friendly: Yes

Suitable For: Year 12 and year 13 high achievers students. Minimum entry requirement for the Doctoral School Programme is an actual or predicted B grade in the subject applied for. This programme is highly recommended to KS5 students who are excelling in their subjects and/or Gifted and Talented students. The Doctoral School Programme is planned in close collaboration with relevant school leaders to ensure schools’ and students’ academic and extra-curricular needs are met.

Peer Mentoring Programme

Inspired from educational researchers specialised in peer mentoring. The Peer Mentoring Programme (PMP) came to light due to the necessity to support low attainment pupils to learn and develop emotionally, socially and academically; based on an ethos of respect for others, friendliness and academic excellence. The Peer Mentoring Programme is one of our most popular solutions for rapid and sustained schools results beyond expectations.

Pupil Premium Friendly: Yes

Suitable For: Year 10 and year 11 low achievers students in English, mathematics and science (other subjects available upon request). Year 10 and year 11 students excelling in their subjects (mentors) will also benefit from this initiative by improving their subject knowledge, communication skills and respect for others. The Peer Mentoring Programme is a very popular project well regarded by Gifted & Talented coordinators in primary and secondary schools.

Saturday Support Workshops

The Saturday support Workshops programme is a friendly academic approach that focuses on exams preparation and coursework. The Saturday Workshops are taught in smaller groups with a maximum ratio of 1:15 to ensure a more personalised approach to all students.

Pupil Premium Friendly: Yes

Suitable For: KS4 and KS5 students who are close to attain a C grade in English, mathematics and/or science (other subjects available upon request). Saturday School sessions are designed using students’ academic history in the subject for a better understanding of each individual students needs.

Fundraising assistance​

Assistance with preparation and planning of bid applications to attract additional funding for the school.

Pupil Premium Friendly: Not Applicable

Suitable For: School business managers Highly recommended to expand the school educational offer within and beyond school hours.

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