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SCIENCE EASTER CAMP (Mon. 30/03 – Fri. 03/04)


When: Monday 30 March until Friday 3 April inclusive.


Time: From 9:00 am until 3:30 pm (registration opens at 8:40 am and closes at 8:55 am).


Children: 4 to 11 (children are organised in separate groups depending on their age and level of knowledge).


Level: All levels of knowledge are welcome.


Location: Baden Powell House. 65-67 Queens Gate. SW7 5JS.


Lunch: Children bring their packed lunch, a few snacks and enough water for the day.


Children will be participating in a variety of demonstrations, group activities and practical experiments and will learn about exciting and enriching topics. Students learn through a hands-on approach and are welcome to take home any objects they have made throughout the week. See more details below.




Product Description

The emphasis is on fun, yet we inspire learning about concepts through dialogue and questioning.





Monday 30 March: Spring into Action

Our first session of the Easter camp looks into the change in season and how this impacts the behaviour of animals and the growth of plants. Children will learn about ultraviolet light, natural dyes from fruits and vegetables and how animals awaken from hibernation. Children will make a solar-powered oven, UV bracelet and more.



Tuesday 31 March: You’re Getting on My Nerves!

The nervous system is integral for controlling what we do, how we think and to keep us alive. In this anatomy and physiology-based session, children will learn about the structure and function of the nervous system including the brain and nerves. Children will dissect a real animal brain, make a model neuron and test their reflexes.



Wednesday 1 April: The Solar System

The solar system consists of planets, moons, asteroids, meteoroids, comets and space debris. In this session, your child will make a hanging solar system, recreate how craters are formed, make model planets and test an unknown soil sample to identify its contents.



Thursday 2 April: Sowing the Seeds

Spring marks the thawing of ice from the winter and the increase in temperature. Farmers make use of this season to sow seeds and plant crops that will be harvested in the Autumn. In this session, your child, will learn about the structure and function of seeds, the different properties of soil and the process of germination amongst others.



Friday 3 April: Fairground Science

Fairground science incorporates concepts from engineering and physics. Children will be tasked with building and testing a model rollercoaster, constructing a swing and designing a plethora of fairground rides. Children will need to think creatively and work cooperatively as a team.




We offer 10% discount on siblings bookings.
Any days booked individually will be charged at £90.00 per child.


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