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WIN an exciting 4 day Richer Education Easter Science Camp

Richer Education is delighted to run this exciting competition, which aims to get you involved in science, in a creative fun way. Winners will gain a place on an egg-stra special Easter Science camp where you will make amazing edible structures out of chocolate in ‘Willy Wonka’ style workshops.

“Landing humans safely onto the surface of Mars will be the next ‘giant leap for mankind’. But it’s a long way to the Red Planet, and there are many dangers along the way! How will you get your astronauts to Mars? How will you keep them alive and how will you get them back home to Earth? Let your imagination fly – we can’t wait to see how it gets to Mars!”

Ben Gilliland

Science writer

“Mars Mission”

Scientists expect that the first humans to reach Mars will be within the next 20 years. Imagine you are a scientist and you are being sent on the Mars mission. You must design a space ship to travel the 54.6 million km journey to Mars and land safely back to Earth.

Use your imagination and creativity to answer the following questions …


  • What will you build the space ship out of – what sort of materials will you use?
  • What shape will your spacecraft be?
  • How will it get its power to reach Mars?
  • How will it land safely back to Earth?

You may include pictures in your answers (2 maximum), which should be no longer than 250 words in total.
Projects should be submitted online as a PDF when filling in the submission form below.

The competition is open to all Primary school children
Submit your project from 22nd  February 2016 – until 20th  March  2016


Prize: “4 day Easter Science Camp at Imperial College organised by Richer Education”


‘Willy Wonka’ style workshops, where children will learn fundamental chemistry concepts, as they take part in egg-stra-ordinary Easter themed science based activities.
Date: Tuesday 29th March – Friday 1st April 2016
Time: 9:00am until 3:30pm.
Location: Imperial College London SW7 2AZ
One prize available per key stage category

Submit your project before 20th March 2016:

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